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وب‌ سایت: http://www.qiuyongcommodity.com/table-cloth/lace-edge-table-cloth/
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محل زندگی: http://www.sungiving-solarlight.com/
زندگی‌نامه: Our History
Leborn Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd., was established in December 2007, is located in Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, we are a professional medical equipment joint-stock limited liability company
Our Factory
The company covers an area of about 6, 000 square meters, two assembly lines, and stamping, bending, welding metal working departments, materials warehouse, quality control department, engineering, and operations, procurement, administration, finance department and other production and office facilities
Our Product
Our Company: is based on production and sales of medical equipment.
Our main products include: walkers, bath chairs, commode chairs, crutches and other products, the products 100% exported.
Product Application
Elder, disabled, Obese patients
Our Certificate
ISO9001, FDA, CE
Production Equipment
Line, Tube bending machines, punching machine, packing machine, pipe cutting machine
Production Market
The main markets: the United States, European Union, Germany, Canada, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions.Product quality has been unanimously endorsed by our customers.
Our technology: The company's main technical staff, are engaged in the medical device industry, up to 8-years, has a wealth of management experience and technical capabilities. Professional engineers and technical staffs are not only for conventional products manufactures. we also have a strong technical capabilities in researching and developing new products, and can help customers to solve technical problems.China Walkers With Casters manufacturers
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